Writing for the Web and Why It Matters

October 18, 2016
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Does your website meet your users' needs?

Chances are, everyone at your organization has an opinion about your website content. But what about your target audience? Does your website meet your users' needs, or are they bogged down in long paragraphs and unnecessary jargon?

Guest speaker Amy Sarah Marshall, online content and SEO strategist at the University of Virginia Health System, will cover:

  • Why online, especially mobile, users differ from print
  • Chunking, chopping and bullets: cutting your content in half without losing meaning
  • Creating links that help your user and boost SEO
  • Tips for getting your content approved by your editors

About the Speaker

Amy Sarah Marshall AMA speakerAmy Sarah Marshall (@maiaoming) came to web communications by way of a master of fine arts in poetry from George Mason University. Amy Sarah applied her creative talents to working with several nonprofits to organize and present their content with the user experience in mind. Whether blogging, consulting, or developing SEO tactics, Amy Sarah blends the artistic with the analytical to infuse every project with fresh vision. Her daily work at UVA Health System includes content strategy and marketing, writing and editing, online advertising, SEO, and goal-driven problem-solving.


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$20.00 Non-Member

$5.00 Student


Darden School of Business (Classroom 30)
100 Darden Blvd
Charlottesville, VA 22903



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