MEMBERS ONLY: Idea Generation Workshop with CypherTank


March 04, 2014
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Paladin Media Group
673 Berkmar Ct
Charlottesville, VA 22901

CypherTank: Idea Generation for the Idea Generation

The speed of business never exceeds the speed of ideas. The faster you generate ideas, the faster your business can move. CVAAMA will be holding a members-only workshop with idea generation group CypherTank and is seeking member participants! If you are an AMA member and have a problem you’d like to solve, please contact us at [email protected].

A Cypher is when a group of rappers form a circle, huddle, and freestyle with one another. It’s not just an exchange, but a construction: one rapper will incorporate ideas from the last, improvise his own verse, and then the next person will build off those ideas and incorporate them into his rap, and so on. The process rapidly and abundadantly generates ideas while simultaneously synthesizing them into singularities, all accompanied by rhythm and rhyme. CypherTank works to transplant the Cypher into a business setting through the following method:

  1. Research and written word exercises so that rappers can familiarize themselves with the clients.
  2. Clients and rappers interact after being put in a stimulating environement where clients can throw out words, thoughts, and questions that rappers respond to in real time.
  3. Cypher slows down into word association so that participants can approach the gleamed ideas more profoundly while increasing interactions with clients.
  4. Post-Cypher, CypherTanks types up the ideas, reevaluates, and send them to the client.

Watch a video on the concept - 
Watch a video on the process -