A Group for Non-Profit Marketers

June 14, 2018
8:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Investigating the Overhead Myth

Join us for a discussion of nonprofit overhead, donor expectations, charity watchdogs and the ethics of fundraising. Our guest will be Jennifer Phillips, Ph.D., founder and principal of JLP Strategy. Jennifer has a background in nonprofit fundraising and is a trained ethicist. This session will help you discover why the “Overhead Myth” matters, and what it means for your organization’s strategy.

Like Minds: A Group for Non-Profit Marketers 

Like Minds is a collaboration between Central Virginia Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMACVA) and Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE).

The Like Minds group provides an opportunity for nonprofit marketers to share challenges, swap stories and get industry updates. To encourage small-group discussion, registration will be limited to 20 participants. We encourage participants to register early!

This FREE program is only open to CNE-member marketing professionals and AMA members currently working for a nonprofit organization.

Register now on the Center for Nonprofit Excellence website.


Center for Nonprofit Excellence
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