Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I join Central VA AMA?

Visit the American Marketing Association website ( to sign-up and select Central VA as your chapter! 

Event Registration

I just joined AMA, so why can't I register for an event as a Member?

Unfortunately there's no way for AMA chapters to automatically receive the membership status from the national org. Usually there's a 1 week lag before our Membership Chair can get the report and upload it to the CVAAMA system. Please contact and we'll help you register at the correct ticket rate. 

Why is there's no option for me to register as a Member for an event?

Members must log in to be eligible for the member rate. If you have forgotten your login information or you are new member and have not set it yet, please click Forgot username/password to reset/set your information.

I'm a member of another AMA chapter, can I get the member ticket rate?

Yes! You'll still register online for the event as a non-member, but with a coupon code your ticket cost will be lowered to the member ticket rate. Email with your member number and the event you'd like to attend to receive your coupon code.

Attending Events at Darden in Charlottesville

Visit more maps & driving directions from Darden
Learn more about event space at The Inn at Darden

Where is Classroom 30 at the UVA Darden School of Business? (Cville AMA events)

Darden Map
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Where is the Atelier Room is in the Library Building at the UVA Darden School of Business? (Cville AMA events)

After parking for free in Darden's parking garage, head to the Student Services / Camp Library Building. The Atelier Room is on the third floor ("second level" on Darden maps).