Social Media Marketing in 2016 and Beyond (Infographic)

By Matt Banner, Blogger & Author, @BlastYourBlog

social media inforgraphic

As we make our way through 2016, social media platforms will continue to dominate as a means of marketing new and existing brands to consumers. Whether it’s engaging your audience, promoting your content, or simply trying to grow your brand, social media is going to become more important than ever.

Today we’ll look at three major trends happening right now, and then I’ll show you how to increase your organic reach on today’s major platforms with a detailed infographic.

Over at, I’ve been prepping my readers for the upcoming explosion of potential that social media is going to offer. It’s already a viable means of marketing, but soon it will evolve into something even greater.

Let’s look at three trends that are already happening:

1.  Video Content Takes Center Stage
We’re already seeing an increase in video content on social media, but this trend is going to rapidly increase in 2016. Videos that educate, explain, or entertain are getting a lot of engagement and grab people’s attention. As marketers, we should start thinking about how to integrate more video content in our work.

2. Paid Exposure
While there are ways to increase your organic reach, many of today’s platforms are now focusing on paid methods of advertising and exposure. You should look into these opportunities, but combine them with other means of increasing your organic reach.

3. Shopping on Social Media
Soon companies will be able to sell their products directly through social media platforms. Twitter, for example, has been experimenting with a “buy” button directly inside of company tweets. Facebook is also considering a payment service similar to PayPal. Start looking for ways to market and sell your products directly from social media as this will soon be a reality.

Unlock The Potential of Social Media

Check out the infographic below to find plenty of awesome ways you can start using social media smarter. Let us know how it helped your marketing efforts by tweeting @BlastYourBlog and @centralvaama.

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Download the full infographic [pdf]