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New EMMAs Category: Marketer of the Year

Posted by admin on 10/20/2016 12:00 am  /   All Articles, EMMAs

Do you know a marketer who stands out among the rest? Delivered meaningful results to your organization? Knows more about marketing than anyone else? Nominate your colleagues or yourself for Marketer of the Year!

The nominator will remain anonymous; we will not announce who entered each Marketer of the Year nominee at the EMMAs Awards Gala.

In your entry—limited to 750 words—describe the following:

  • Creativity, e.g., what is it about this person’s writing, design, teamwork, production skills, or other work that stands out?
  • Results, e.g., how has this person benefited an organization or clients?
  • Any other reasons why you feel this person should be marketer of the year.

Marketer of the Year entries will be judged as follows:

  • 40% Accomplishments and results
  • 40% Creativity, innovation, and contribution to the field of marketing
  • 20% Leadership and teamwork

When it comes to outstanding marketers, Central Virginia has an embarrassment of riches. From Marketing Assistants to Social Media Managers to Vice Presidents of Marketing, every marketing professional has contributed to our community of marketers and the success of their organization. Help us celebrate these achievements by submitting your marketing role model for Marketer of the Year.