Marketing Musings: February 2016

Monthly memo by CVAAMA member MJ Arquette on hot marketing topics.

Twitter Timeline

Tumultuous Twitter?

The last few weeks have been rough in the Twitterverse. In January, the reorganization of upper management spurred departures by 5 key executives and over the past couple of days, you may have noticed #RIPTwitter trending in the sidebar or in your newsfeed. The uproar has been caused by rumors of a Facebook-style timeline algorithm change suggesting that tweets will no longer be seen in real-time. While some Twitter execs jumped into the conversation, that only seemed to make things worse from the users point of view. Since then, CEO Jack Dorsey took to his personal Twitter account (@jack) to deny the rumor, stating “Twitter is live. Twitter is real-time. Twitter is about who & what you follow.” So for the moment, we can rest easy that Twitter is keeping true to its roots.

L.L. Bean

One to Watch

For years, I thought of L.L. Bean as THE retailer for boots, large backpack,s and camping gear. Back in 2006 I had the opportunity to visit the mother ship in Freeport, Maine and learn more about their brand. Now in its 104th year, L.L. Bean prides itself on customer service and creating quality products to enhance outdoor experiences. While I consider L.L. Bean's market to be largely the Baby Boomer generation, their signature duck boots have been sold out in recent months due to a millennial fashion trend. L.L. Bean capitalized on this trend with a new catalog, entitled LL Bean Signature, refined logo and clean imagery, and corresponding section of their website that brilliantly targets Millenials. While some images celebrate the outdoors, the collection denotes New England-inspired apparel for everyday living. I would expect an eventual redesign of their website or separate site for this collection. The big question is: will it be successful? Can L.L. Bean ride the wave of the Millennial duck boot phenomenon? Only time will tell.

Pantone Products

Just for Fun

Did you know that Pantone sells coffee mugs, watches, and other fun—and comparatively inexpensive—retail items? They feature popular swatches including Color of the Year. Check out the Pantone Universe section on their website during your next coffee break. You’ll be glad you did!

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