Central VA AMA Announces New Awards Category: Experiential Graphic Design

Central VA AMA is pleased to announce the formation of a new experiential category for the Excellence in Marketing Awards (EMMAs): Experiential Graphic Design (XGD).

The Experiential Graphic Design (XGD) award will recognize the outstanding work of those who shape and transform our experience of brands, events and space as they translate their marketing messages into 3-dimensional environments.

A burgeoning multi-disciplinary field, XGD combines visual communications with both the built and natural environments. Exhibit design, themed and branded spaces, architectural signage, display graphics, retail design, way-finding and sign programs, immersive learning environments, are all the purview of XGD to create more engaging and meaningful interactions with customers and constituencies.

From trade shows and event marketing to permanent installations in museums, entertainment and hospitality destinations, healthcare environments, sports venues, streets, highways and civic land-use programs, airports, schools and universities, XGD shapes experiences that orient, inform, educate and entertain users and visitors.

Photoworks Group is the first Experiential Graphic Design awards category sponsor

Photoworks Group is proud to be the first XGD Award sponsor to celebrate those who create environments that communicate.

More information about the awards can be found on the EMMAs page.